Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seen on 6th Street N....

Sixth Street (perpendicular to the beginning of the 600 block...is that ghost cafe ever going to open?) is more laid back and drama-free than its more famous adjoining ave. Here are a couple of pictures taken on one of a May visit there...

Amy Marshall has been at her store making and selling jewelry for over a year now. Strands of Sunshine, Amy and her jewelry live up to the name. She is a wonderful, uplifting person, a jewel in her own right. Here are two pictures of her stuff...

All work by Amy Marshall.

All work by Amy Marshall, Strands of Sunshine.

Strands of Sunshine is at #4 6th St. N. Saint Petersburg.

Dysfunctional Grace is an unconventional store that has a solid following in Saint Petersburg. Liz Williams manages the unusual store beautifully. Here are a few pix...

Work at Dysfunctional Grace.

An expertly mounted fawn at Dysfunctional Grace.

Guess what holiday is around the corner?

Gobblin' at Dysfunctional Grace.

--- Luis


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